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This is a follow-up to my previous post, Renraku: Future OS.

I got the latest incarnation of Renraku booting yesterday, based on the code base I started the same day I wrote the previous article. There's not much to it, but development is progressing very, very quickly since I have plenty of knowledge of what not to do from previous attempts. What's there (in the GitHub repo) now supports very basic functionality: multiple function compilation, a good number of "Base instructions" (from the ECMA CIL spec), static fields, pointer intrinsics, and string intrinsics (get_Chars for now).

The test kernel is available here (GitHub) and this boots as expected. Obviously, it doesn't do much, but that's coming. What needs to be done in the short term:

  • Struct support
  • Struct pointers
  • Basic object manager

That's it. Once those are done, there's a primitive object model which means actual functionality can be written. A few more days of work, and we should be able to see a simple shell come up.

Happy Hacking,
- Cody Brocious (Daeken)