I, Hacker
Intermittent neural activity

Update: I've taken a job, but I'm going to leave this post here for historical reasons.

I've decided to put myself on the market for full-time work. I'm primarily looking for work in New York City, but other locations (or telecommuting) will be considered.

Most of you reading this will have a general idea of the work I do from other posts on my blog, but for those not in the know: I'm primarily a reverse-engineer and compiler developer, but I work on anything that happens to catch my interest. I'm always looking for a new challenge and new learning experiences.

My resume is available here, in PDF or in HTML format. It's very reversing-heavy as that's what the majority of my interesting commercial work is, but I've done everything from game development to kernel hacking to web development.

If I sound like the right person for the job, let's talk. Give me a call at 1.678.636.9323 or shoot me an email at .

Happy Hacking,
- Cody Brocious (Daeken)