I, Hacker
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Well, been a while since I've written anything here. Things have changed quite a bit lately: new year, new job, tons of random projects, etc. Figure it's time to write about it.

New Year

Holy shit, it's 2012. Last year was pretty insane:

  • Finally found an awesome girlfriend
  • Met a lot of amazing people
  • Traveled at least once a month
  • Released a few cool projects
  • Completely and utterly dominated the CCBill bug bounty program. That was freaking fun. List of rewards here.

But honestly, I feel like I missed the mark last year. I want to release a good bit of fun stuff this year.

New Job

As of the beginning of the month, I'm working for Mozilla Corporation as a hacker on Boot2Gecko. While I love the people at Matasano and will miss working with them, it was just time to do something new, so I'm initially working on graphics optimizations in Gecko. I'm also doing some fun stuff in terms of demos to exercise new features, and I'm now a member of Khronos and will be submitting various extension specs to WebGL.

While I'll be working out of the various offices from time to time, I'm primarily working remotely from Manhattan still, which is really nice. Finally turning my apartment into a Real Adult Home (TM), with the help of my girlfriend. There's even real art on the walls for once!


I'm working on a couple things for this year, and hopefully they don't fail quite so hard as a number of the projects I started last year (e.g. my completely stillborn hardware project, Gotham Eyewear).

  • QuestCompanions -- Real-time market for temp labor in MMORPGs. Launching publicly shortly.
  • Webgl-inspector -- An attempt to make WebGL canvases transparent, so you can investigate textures, shaders, etc and perform modifications in real time. Very early, but should be releasing a beta build in the next couple weeks.
  • Browser.js -- A complete browser written in Javascript. Note that this isn't intended to be a real browser, but rather one for experimentation and learning. Now that I'm working on the lower levels of Gecko, I really just want to learn how all the parts of the browser works, so I figure I'll write a simple browser to learn it over time. It should be an interesting experiment.
  • GenShaders -- Genetic algorithms applied to shader generation. Very much a work in progress, but I'm writing a series of articles on it for Displayhack, which will be linked/reposted here.


Above all else, my goal this year is to travel outside the country more. The girlfriend and I are planning on going to Greece and Turkey around July, which I'm looking forward to in particular.

This ought to be a good year; I'm hopeful that I'll learn a lot and have a lot of fun.

Happy hacking,
- Cody Brocious (Daeken)